Start of our Anniversary Programme of Events

Our 30th anniversary programme of events kicked off last Friday (11th March), when President McAleese made a special visit to our presmises at the Horizons Centre on Balcurris Road.  We were delighted to welcome the President back to the Centre for her second visit to BYAP.

This time round, President McAleese helped to plant a rose-bush in our courtyard to commemorate those with links to BYAP who have died over the past 30 years.  She also visited our ‘BYAP 30 Years’ art exhibition, and made an excellent address to those present at the opening event.

President McAleese and Owen O Grady

President McAleese is presented with a bouquet of flowers by Owen O’Grady during her visit to BYAP

In addition to President McAleese’s visit, the official opening of the ‘BYAP 30 Years’ art exhibition also took place on Friday.  This was attended by the curators, Guggi and John Duffy, and by many of the artists whose work is featured in the exhibition.

John Duffy and Guggi pictured at the exhibition opening event

John Duffy and Guggi pose beside ‘My Man Bob’ by Christy, a BYAP client

Additional photographs from President McAleese’s visit and the art exhibition opening can be viewed here.

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