The Ballymun Youth Action Project CLG does not process personal data on the Organisation’s website. However the following statement identifies the key elements of the Organisation’s application of the eight data protection principles to the manner in which we process data across the organisation

We take your personal information and data very seriously in the Ballymun Youth Action Project CLG and only use it to help us provide you with an effective service. We only collect information you have given to us, or a third party has given to us with your consent. We ask for your personal details when you first present to the service and then, while you are using our services we will process other relevant information.

Data Security

Securing your personal data is extremely important to us in the Ballymun Youth Action Project which is why we take appropriate measures to protect your data. Our collection and storage of data is through Salesforce which is of the highest industry standard for security. Our IT providers are a leading international company and again provide industry standard security protection for the data we use.


There are no tracking applications that set cookies installed on our website. However, outside applications such as Google Maps could technically install cookies on the visitor’s browser.

Why do we need to collect data and what do we do with it?

The Ballymun Youth Action Project, in order to provide and appropriate and effective service for BYAP and Urrús participants, requests and holds certain information in relation to those who use our services. We only process information for the purposes it was intended. Individuals attending our services are requested to complete a “Consent to Data Processing” form. If you have any questions about this form you can ask any of our staff members.

What information do we process on your behalf?

The information processed includes names, addresses and contact details. It may also include, depending on the nature of the services, any of the following information.

  • New Contact Details, including demographics and presenting issue.
  • Consent Forms
  • Referral related details
  • National Drug Treatment Reporting System details
  • Assessment related information
  • Key Work and Session Notes
  • Care Plans and Care Plan Objective Details
  • Details gathered through the use of Treatment Tools
  • Record of activity with service
  • Record of SMS and Email to or from Service user
  • Enrolment details for programs and courses
  • Invoicing and Billing details where relevant
  • minutes of meetings with Service User
  • records of actions related to Service Users, including complaints and disciplinary actions
  • correspondence on behalf of or about Service Users

Consent and the sharing of information.

Confidentiality is a central and integral part of the Ballymun Youth Action Project, and we are committed to ensuring that all service user information is managed in line with accepted best practice and relevant legislation.

Information held by the Ballymun Youth Action Project, and not independently available to a third party, cannot be disclosed without the individual’s prior consent. This consent is sought in writing using a standardised consent form.

There are certain limits to confidentiality, and these include situations where there are child protection concerns, concerns for the wellbeing of the person or other persons, or information in relation to criminal offences.

For how long is your personal data held?

Personal information held by the Ballymun Youth Action Project will be retained for no longer than is required for the purpose or purposes for which it was obtained. If the purpose for which the information was obtained has ceased and the personal information is no longer required, the data will be deleted or disposed of in a secure manner.

What are your Rights under the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)?

  • The right to be forgotten (Right to have your records erased)
  • The right to restriction of processing.
  • The right to object to certain processing.
  • The right to data portability.
  • The right of access to information.
  • The right to complain, and the right to judicial remedy.

How do you view your records?

Under GDPR legislation you have a right to see what information is held by the Ballymun Youth Action Project which relates to you. In order to do this please make a request in writing or by email to The Director, Ballymun Youth Action Project, Horizons Centre, Ballymun, Dublin 11, or to BYAP will responded to you within one month of receiving a valid written request.

More information

If you have any concerns or questions in relation to our protection of your data please speak to a member of staff or the Director of the Ballymun Youth Action Project