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There are 7 different parts of the Project.  BYAP Core is the original Project.  Over time a Day Programme was developed to provide more structured activities for some of the people who were using the service.  In 1996, Urrús, the training centre was set up.  Since then, BYAP has become the project manager for two other initiatives, the Aftercare Team and the Contact Project.  At the end of 2012 we saw the start of one more initiative, the Infant Parent Support Project.  In 2014 BYAP took on the Addiction Counselling Service with the GP Practices.  In all there are 15 Staff employed through these different pieces of work.

The Services provided through the Ballymun Youth Action Project can be seen as providing a response to individuals, families, or the community, at any stage of their journey of concern about drug or alcohol use.

Day Programme

The activity of the Day Programme assists individuals in achieving increased stability and making positive changes in their lives, through the provision of regular structured workshops or courses.  These courses are developed with reference to the needs emerging from those accessing the service, and other emerging needs identified

Individual Counselling
Counselling within the Ballymun Youth Action Project works with the individual’s intention to change, and works to promote their well-being.  The counselling provided also works with individuals to contain and manage crisis situations that are linked to the impact of drug or alcohol use.  Counselling is provided for individuals who themselves are using or have used substances, but is also provided to others, including family members, who have not been involved in substance use, but who have been affected by such use.

Prison Related Services
The Ballymun Youth Action Project provides a range of appropriate therapeutic interventions to drug/alcohol users with a connection to Ballymun, while in Prison.  This includes one to one Prison Sessions.  BYAP is involved in the delivery of the Drug Free Treatment Programme within Mountjoy Prison.  The Project also assists individuals with their pre and post release choices.

Schools and Education System
The Ballymun Youth Action Project provides education in relation to drug and alcohol issues in a way consistent with the ethos of BYAP, and supportive of education programmes already in place within organisations.  We also support schools and other education centres in this community in relation to developing their response to drug and alcohol issues.  Through our engagement we gather information in relation to drugs, trends, etc, at the local level, which is then used to further enhance services.

Drop In Services
The Drop Ins provide multi-issue drug and alcohol users, who struggle to maintain commitments and who have minimal contact with other services, access to a range of drug treatment services.  The service focuses on reducing the drug and alcohol related harms associated with this target group, and works to facilitate change for individuals, when they are more ready, better able and more prepared.

The Aftercare Team provide ongoing support for people in recovery, or those that have made significant positive changes in respect of their drug use, in order to maintain and reinforce the positive changes.  This work is done on a one to one basis, and within a group setting.

Family Services
The Ballymun Youth Action Project provides a range of interventions and programmes that address the impact of drugs and alcohol use on the family, but that also work to strengthen the family’s role in supporting change.  Work with families includes services for family members, and concerned others.

Young People’s Services
Services for Young people at risk of developing, or with, substance use issues have been central to the identity of the Ballymun Youth Action Project from its earliest days.  Working with young people individually, engaging with their families, and liaising with other agencies and educational settings which are involved in the young person’s life, this work includes a clear prevention focus as well as specific interventions for young people.

Complimentary Services
Staff of the Project also deliver auricular acupuncture, either as a stand-alone provision, or to complement existing counselling and support services within BYAP.

Community Detox
The Ballymun Youth Action Project was significantly involved in the Implementation of the National Community Detox Initiative.  Currently BYAP provides the local broker for Ballymun based community detoxes, where this is required, alongside the delivery of Programmes supporting detox, ongoing work on an individual basis, and auricular acupuncture for people who are actively detoxing.

URRÚS provides a range of training and education opportunities which are directed towards facilitating more effective responses to the challenges of drug and alcohol use as they impact on individuals, families, and communities.  Delivery also includes training for professionals, and accreditation up to Level 7 within NFQ.  URRÚS/ BYAP have also established a Research Alliance with the UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice.

Infant Parent Support Project
The Infant Parent Support Project works with parents, pre-birth – 2 year olds, who experience issues with problem drug or alcohol use, to improve antenatal/post natal health and care for mother and baby.  The Project works from an infant mental health perspective, and also assists parents to increase their contact with and use of the services available in Ballymun for new parents/children.  This role works in partnership with youngballymun.

GP Counselling Service
This service provides an Addiction Counselling Service within the Ballymun Primary Care GP Service.

Interagency Services and Programmes
BYAP work in partnership with a number of other agencies in the delivery of specific programmes and services.  These include the Boxing Clever Programme and the CARE (Community Alcohol Response and Engagement) Project.